… good deal, good negotiation, good service.

This process is really daunting right off the bat for first-timers. We tried to do it on our own for the first six months, then talked to a friend whose cousin recommended you. We hit it off right away when we met you and knew you would take good care of us. You provided useful and helpful education. It was hard to figure out what we wanted. You were hugely beneficial to us with the forms, paperwork, process and we trusted you. You never pushed us or tried to lead us into something. You never pressured us. You just took care of us and anything that came up. We can’t believe we beat a cash offer, competing against other offers. It was stressful, but you made it not as stressful. We feel great about the deal – competitive, good deal, good negotiation, good service.

— Susan Wang and Koby Poulson | Seattle, WA